Spot tracker working – I’m visible!

jeez – that was hard work Even harder sat in the garden with a beer watching it… (for 20 minutes!) cos these things need watching with a beer…   Obviously if it was p*ssing down – it would have worked OK on its own. Anyway All now working… Find me here (tag is NBY)


The other version I showed was linked to the ADVrider website via Spotwalla (great tool)

This link is direct from Spot themselves, let’s make that subscription work 🙂


I am always available here unless I am at home – or secure zone as Spotwalla call it 🙂


Alice’s Restaurant

Alice’s Restaurant – seems to be a favourite of Bilco’s…

I know the song pre-dates the caff.. but even so – a bit of Arlo is always good  – and subversive…


Alices restaurant