8th Sept – First day of new trip!

First proper full day in the saddle today of Lady P after a great week with Charl, but now the real trip starts! And boy, a great ride up Highway 101 to Eureka. The roads are deserted. First official stop of the day was in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park and the drive thru’ Redwood.

You haven’t seen trees till you’ve seen these giants…



Here is Paul chatting to one of the local weed farmers… Humboldt is famous as it is the marijuana capital of America. You can smell it at the roadside and from every other vehicle! It’s legal to grow it if you buy a tag for $20 per plant. Technically, it has to be grown for medical purposes but everyone knows this is just a front. Most of the doctors locally will issue The money it raises builds schools, community centres, fire stations and much more. It’s estimated that it contributes up to a quarter of local GDP! It is rumoured that many of the local businesses will not accept cards – preferring cash as the economy is so reliant on the laundering of weed money!


You can’t come here without visiting the World Famous drive-thru trees 🙂

It turned out to be only one of the World Famous tree related venues we saw that day!!




We finished in Eureka – a strange little place…


with great murals and a cracking micro brewery/restaurant… I celebrated my birthday with a selection of beers…



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