Day 2 – Yosemite Part I

The day started in bright sunshine and clear skies..

(I am struggling with wifi speed for the last 2 days – I have loads of pics but cannot upload them 😦  ) – I will catch up
We entered Yosemite Park and I bought an annual pass as it seems the best way…. we will see!


The first decision was Glacier Point… I am a bit of a geek by trade and for cryptic reasons have always wanted the see Half Dome… The mountain a processor family was named after in the usual tradition…


After that it was El Capitan – a truly unreal piece of rock…

At this point I was dying with the heat and we pulled in to fill up on $5.40/gallon  gas (87 RON) and I spotted that even with all the vents wide open, my Badlands Pro jacket/trouser combo was struggling at temps of 106 in the shade….


We dropped down from the hills into Mariposa, a great little town

DSC00216 DSC00223 DSC00210

and well worth a visit with plenty of cool bars and hearty restaurants 🙂 Fuel was only $4.29/gallon here for premium but there is no gas in the Park so you fill up where you can when the tank allows 110 miles!!!!!


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