San Francisco – finally here…


Arrived yesterday after a delay due to the captain being unwell – I suppose everyone has an occasional right to a duvet day…


Anyway – the weather is beautiful in California… I know!
The weather report on TV in the morning made me smile “sadly we won’t exceed 92 degrees today”

They are gutted with 92 down here in the sunny south. I was sweating just walking up and down the San Franciscan hills…

IMG_3736 Another sunny pic… The market area down on the piers… every Saturday they have a farmers market… peaches like footballs!

IMG_3741 Loads of organic fruit and veg from around the area… I have eaten veggie meals all day and they are beautiful here, the veg tastes of something 🙂 (saving myself for the steaks later this trip!)

IMG_3742 IMG_3754

I have to say – I have heard sirens all day! But I have found the most secure place in San Francisco… every security guard I have seen in the last 24 hours was stood here 🙂



Anyway… a great day…


Yup – swimming the Bay day


More market pics above and downtown below..IMG_3705





My only negative.. I didn’t think it was this good…

The painted ladiesPainted ladies

Obligatory cable cars
SF cable cars
last but not least from today
Lombard St – the crookedest (sic) street in the world…. sadly they won’t let you take a motorbike up it 😦SF Lombard StThis last pic isn’t mine-you may have noticed a pink tinge to the pics – took it to Samy’s Cameras for a check, “failing CMOS sensor…” so raher than let it fail- I bought a new camera…

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II




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