Empty net on the River Tay

Well… The river Tay in Perthshire Scotland continued to catch salmon but still in disappointing numbers due to hot weather and low water last week making life difficult. Currently there is a weak run of summer salmon and odd grilse on the river but expectation is high with a pending improving summer run with signs of more grilse running last week. Rain at the weekend has freshened the river up and the weather is to be reasonably settled and cooler with a chance of some rain this week that may just trigger off some much needed improvements. The catches have been disappointing but could suddenly improve at any minute giving renewed optimism for the coming week assuming more fish enter the system.

This past week saw water levels continue at summer height most of the week due to warm settled weather making catches suffer. The fishing can be supreme and the scenery is not bad either. Currently there are numerous wild flowers blooming on the river banks. Ospreys visit the river on a daily basis and we saw deer darting past while in mid cast! It is true what they say,  a salmon is a bonus! Middle Tay. We were at Lower Kinnaird The catches further upstream were harder earned this past week, as conditions were more settled with lower river levels. Over the weeks to come this will hopefully improve as the salmon run freely up the river with improving runs and more water.

I have to say Celia enjoyed her first ever fishing trip – she wanted to know what we did up there… I think she half expected dancing girls..    I obviously told Jock to cancel the usual entertainment but we soldiered on with beautiful weather and great optimism from Jock Montieth as usual 🙂

First chance to use my new rod and reel, fitted with Jock’s own tips. Had great fun over the two days and saw a few fish about but despite long hours and determined swinging about… no bites even!! I even remember some of the flies this time as I refused to buckle and cheat by harling or spinning…  Red and black Francis coneheads in various sizes, Red Sunray stripped over the top !!


My first ever blank trip in Scotland… Chris Harden will be ecstatic:(   On the food and drink front things were better though… Sandemans was great and the Fonab Castle couldn’t have been better..


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