Planning planning planning….


Now my personal approach is a sort of, spend several hours on google and google maps.

Then ponder for a while.

Then get out a paper map (thanks to internet for making this a doddle nowadays!) and start to scribble in a pad.Then I start to “punch” the info into Garmin Basecamp. Now I use Garmin Basecamp because I own a Garmin Zumo 660 not because I like it…

I think the software is great, I think the sat nav itself is awesome and easily the best I have played with… But who in Garmin-world thought these worked well together.. No I have to edit that, actually it’s not really only Basecamp software that Garmin struggle with – it’s all software!

The process of updating maps (that you have paid for) and minor firmware updates is a vision of hell… trawl the internet and you discover a multi volume opus of tales of woe!


Luckily, this time we can thank Bilco.

This man has worked tirelessly to ensure we will have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies in the coming weeks…:)Bilco1

I actually think the evenings will be somewhat like this pic as he is surrounded by a small horde of slightly confused middle aged people asking if we are going this way or that )




My worry is who will be Pvt Doberman 🙂


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