Pitlochry Fishing trip


IMG_1408Originally my plan was to take Celia for a fishing trip to show what was great about standing up to your waist in ice cold water with only the very faintest chance of a fish.. What could be more enticing for my long suffering lady I pondered? See some hardy fools on a recent trip – not content with arriving in the near dark, we have to go and check the water levels… Lower Floors , I love you!!


The new plan……



Just like home really


Then, knowing my wife I rethought my plans… I know, how about a luxury break to Scotland… with fishing.





Good food in the evenings, a glass of Scotch to warm us up in the lounge after dinner too!!Fonab2

Now the salmon seem to run best when the cold air nips your ears and that single malt just calls to you from behind the bar but; I decided to be even more generous and risk the low water that is August.. Nice and warm to encourage her a bit.

It seems my best laid plans have bitten me in the arse as there is no water and even less fish about…

However the ghillies, ever the optimists,  tell us:

Hi Peter
A bit quieter than usual but a few knocking about. There’s a few fresh fish moved in so you’ll be definitely in with a shout!

See you both on Friday.
Best regards
Jock Monteith
Professional Scottish Salmon Fishing Guide

Now – Jock knows his stuff – but if ever there was an award for cheerfulness it may surprise more than a few of you to know that a Scotsman was in the running for it!!

Expectation is high with a pending grilse run and an increase in summer salmon running the river. This past week more grilse have been seen and caught all be it in small numbers. The weather was very hot for last week making fishing hard work but some heavy thundery showers on Saturday helped to clear the air but all in all conditions were not easy for the pursuit of that magical salmon and limited runs kept catches low during the week to single figures on most days. It has not been a summer to remember but hopefully this will change in the days and weeks to come for the better as we enter August.

Currently the river is at summer level (approx 6′ on the Ballathie gauge). Lower river levels in the coming days should enable the river to be fished easily and hopefully a stronger run will produce some top quality fishing and allow fish to run further to enable catches to continue to spread. The weather is looking reasonably settled over the next few days with a chance of some rain that should benefit the river and give a great chance of producing some more sport and some “Bars of Silver” .
The weather is looking far more settled and a bit cooler with a chance of some rain in the week to hopefully spark off some better sport in the coming weeks with a strengthening summer run. The warmer weather will certainly continue to give us more settled water levels and encourage salmon to run the river, as we should soon be seeing a proper grilse run. The water temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius. These are now normal temperatures for the time of year and the conditions have seen salmon running throughout the system. Hopefully there might be a chance of a fresh fish anywhere in the river.

As to methods, in settled conditions fishing by any method should enable you to catch the elusive Tay salmon. The water temperature has warmed up enabling floating lines with the addition of a sink tip being a favoured tactic and using normal dressed flies. It is still worth a go with sinking lines as well depending on water heights and stripping a Sun Ray Shadow is always worth a go. When spinning, Tay favourites include Toby Salmos, weighted and floating devons, flying C’s and Visons or Rapalas. Harling is also a favoured method many beats depending on water heights.


Of course, there is a dark side to fishing an shooting, there is always the possibility, just like landing a fish, that you bump into the strangest people wearing bizarre clothing… See you soon Chris 😉


Shortest cast award

A fellow fishing addict in the Wild Shortest cast award


Dressed to impress the locals!!




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