Recall for a 9 year old bike

Yesterday I went for a whizz on my K1200S – see above in Slovenia in 2010 with my “little brother” (I want to point out he is on a step!)

Two reasons:

1 it’s my only bike right now as Lady Penelope is on her way to the US (via Bremerhaven??) as I write

2 I got a letter from BMW with the following:

‘BMW Motorrad is running a technical campaign with customer notification in the USA and Canada for models of the R and K series produced from January 1st 2004 to April 2011. In the motorcycles concerned, small cracks may form in a flange on the fuel pump. In very rare cases, slight leaks can occur causing a smell of petrol or loss of a very small amount of fuel.

‘There will be a customer campaign in the UK in the near future and the processes are currently being put into place. BMW Motorrad rates this issue as not being critical to safety and no safety-related situations have occurred to date, or are anticipated in the future.’

A spokesman added: “Technically it is not classed as a ‘recall’ in the UK, as it is not safety related and customers will not be asked to immediately return their bikes to the dealers. We would class it as a campaign.”

A report posted by BMW on the NHTSA’s website says the first warranty claim describing a fuel leak was received in 2006.
The reports says cracks can develop at a rate of 0.31% after three years, and improvements include reducing torque settings or adding a metal support ring.

Now my bike only needed the metal collar fitted no problems found. But I am very happy for two reasons, first my manufacturer sends out free recalls for a 9 year old bike – second I got to meet Becky and the gang at Southport Superbikes. Great dealership – I will see you again!


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