Fly fishing

On the trip we have 2 rest days planned in…

I thought I might try a little trout fishing so I have arranged to meet with Vic Bergman of Crowsnest Anglers. There are a lot of angling and guiding options in the fishing areas of the North West so a friendly tip is always appreciated. Shuckraider of UKGSer pointed me his way and he seems a great bloke..


The fishing in this area is out of this world and while it seems good at the moment I hope it lasts! From Vic’s blog September 2013:
The weather in Crowsnest Pass continues to be absolutely gorgeous! We’ve been receiving above seasonal temperatures for the past couple of weeks and it looks like there’s more to come. Our forecast is calling for the warm, sunny weather to continue for at least the next week or two. Temperatures are expected to reach 26°C on Saturday, the first day of autumn. Amazing!



One thing worth noting though is this from September 2010:
I’m guessing this has been one of the wettest, coolest summers on record in southern Alberta. I can’t remember one like it. We’ve sure had to deal with a lot of rain over the past couple of months, that’s for sure. Heck, we even had 2-3 inches of snow here last night. I will be glad I bought that Powerlet jacket….


Over the last couple f years I have been lucky enough to fish up at Lower Floors in Kelso tweed-courses I really don’t think there is anywhere like it for salmon, so I await the fishing days with interest.

Happy days on the Tummel too 🙂IMG_1767

I will be hiring gear and clothing from Vic, I’ll buy flies etc. locally and bring em home, any tips on gear to buy in the states appreciated 🙂



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