The bike’s journey…

So last weekend – SWMBO and I drove down to Pershore to drop off Penelope.

A boring run down the M6 didn’t take long to be honest and soon we arrived… Dropped the bike off where it was soon joined by …

Bikes loading1

other lesser bikes which gathered round to see it’s rust free metals and listen to it’s gear box snicking into place..


Then they all gathered around to keep her safe and the doors were closed.. And the container went on its way…


Chris put a lock in to make sure that even though the others would get in the way, Penelope was safe…


Now the exciting bit, Penelope was put onto the Seoul Express, which makes even a WC GSA look small @ 66971tSeoul Express

You can see her pootle along here – Lady Penelope is safe in the little red box.






Drop off in Pershore.. next time will be in California. The worrying bit is when they lose signal off the Azores and arrive in the Caribbean.

Date / Time Port Country
Jul 23, 2014, 05:04 UTC SOUTHAMPTON   United Kingdom

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